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Digital Traditions Project Staff

Saddler Taylor, Project Director, Chief Curator of Folklife and Fieldwork
Bridget McDonnell, Video Editor/Graduate Assistant
Georgette Mayo, Image Editor/Graduate Assistant
Trey Bunn, Audio Editor/Graduate Assistant
Jean Schwab, Audio Editor/Graduate Assistant
Jen Quier, Transcriptionist/Graduate Assistant
Kary Pardy, Content Editor/Graduate Assistant
Kevin Fogle, Content Editor/Graduate Assistant

Project Interns

Adam Butler, Transcriptions
Forrest "Flo" Spence, Transcriptions
Dabny Carmichael, Transcriptions

Community Advisory Committee

Ervena Faulkner, Beaufort
John Thomas Fowler, Boiling Springs
Stephen Criswell, Lancaster
Mike Coggeshall, Clemson
Lucy Allen, Seneca
Craig Stinson, Columbia
Vennie Deas-Moore, Columbia