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Hwy 34 Volunteer Fire Department

Cecil Smith stirs the hash pot at the Highway 34 VFD
Cecil Smith stirs the hash pot at the Highway 34 VFD

The Hwy. 34 Volunteer Fire Department just outside of Ninety Six, South Carolina, cooks hash for neighborhood citizens using a hash recipe made popular by a local hashmaster. The department raises money to buy needed equipment by cooking hash. Hash-making crews work in 4-hour shifts led by the more experienced members of the department. Customers read in the newspaper that the VFD is making hash and quickly place their order in for the number of quarts desired. Members of the Hwy. 34 VFD know their community well and deliver the hash to people who cannot get by to pick it up (or who sleep in, as is the case with one neighbor.) Hashmaster Melvin Fouchee learned the recipe from Ike Berry and acknowledges that while making hash is labor-intensive, it is well worth the effort.

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bullet icon Hwy 34 VFD Hash (03:42)

Cecil Smith describes the responsibilities and schedule of the hash crews. Hashmaster Melvin Fouchee relates how he came to learn the recipe from Ike Berry

bullet icon The cast iron pot (01:41)

Hwy. 34 VFD hashmaster Melvin Fouchee compares older cast iron pots to modern pots made at foundries

bullet icon Hash tradition at Hwy 34 VFD (02:13)

Jeanie Shenal discusses the history of hashmaking at the Hwy 34 VFD.

bullet icon Hash delivery (04:26)

Cecil Smith of the Hwy 34 VFD delivers hash to neighbor Kevin Flick, who discusses hash as a South Carolina tradition.

bullet icon Hash as fellowship (01:50)

Clyde Ellison, son of famous hashmaster Pee Wee Ellison, talks about the fellowship of hashmaking.