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Workman, James

James Workman stirs the hash pot at Workman’s Restaurant
James Workman stirs the hash pot at Workman’s Restaurant


James Workman, owner of Workman’s Restaurant and Catering in Greenwood, SC, makes a beef and pork hash typical of the Greenwood hash tradition. Known by his customers and friends as, “the hardest working man in the restaurant business”, Workman cooks day and night, serving lunch and supper during the day and catering the third shift meals in the textile mills and factories around Greenwood. Hash is a favored menu item. Workman cooks his hash in the slow-cooked traditional manner, sometimes indoors in stainless steel pots and sometimes in a black iron pot over propane in the parking lot outside to attract customers. Workman’s sits right across the street from The Hash House, owned by the family of the legendary “Miss Ruth” Polattie. In spite of their proximity, each hash maker has a unique “formula” that different enough to have their own followings.

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James Workman and assistant James Dixon discuss different hash recipes.

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