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Sanders, Fred

Fred Sanders is a member of the Catawba nation.

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bullet icon Small Pox (00:59)

Sanders discusses the small pox epidemic that spread through the Catawba tribe.

bullet icon Fishing (Part 1) (01:49)

Sanders discusses fishing, selling fish, and how the Catawba preserved them.

bullet icon Fishing (Part 2) (02:05)

bullet icon Clay Hole (00:59)

Sanders talks about making trips to the clay hole.

bullet icon Importance of Pottery Tradition (01:08)

Sanders discusses the value of pottery to the community.

bullet icon Hauling Clay (00:56)

Sanders continues to discuss gathering clay for the Catawba potters.

bullet icon Male Potters (01:00)

Sanders discusses pipe making and male potters in the Catawba community.

bullet icon Summer (01:11)

Sanders discusses when pottery is made and how many times he usually went to the clay holes.

bullet icon Boats and the River (02:07)

Sanders discusses the kind of boats the Catawba used. He also discusses how the river was navigated.

bullet icon Learning to Swim (01:08)

Sanders discusses the Catawba method for teaching the children to swim.

bullet icon Disconnectedness (01:16)

Sanders talks about the distance growing between members of the Catawba tribe.

bullet icon Selfishness (00:46)

Sanders discusses selfishness in the Catawba tribe.

bullet icon Catawba Community (Part 1) (02:07)

Sanders discusses changes in the Catawba community and identifying as an American Indian.

bullet icon Catawba Community (Part 2) (01:56)

bullet icon Catawba Community (Part 3) (03:24)