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Satterley, Helen

Helen Satterley at her McClellanville home
Helen Satterley at her McClellanville home


Resident of McClellanville, SC (Charleston County). She grew up learning to speak Gullah and tells jokes and stories in the Gullah language. Her house was damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 but survived intact. Interview conducted by Gail Matthews and Dale Rosengarten.

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bullet icon Recovering seat cushions (01:28)

Some needlepoint seat cushions that were found covered in mud after Hugo

bullet icon Moving her house (01:33)

Her house was disassembled and moved from its original location, then reassembled

bullet icon Did not want to leave (00:38)

Because the house had been safe from hurricanes in the past, she originally planned to wait out the storm

bullet icon Midwives & Nurses (00:33)

bullet icon Ferryman (02:43)

Gullah story with punchline featuring a man named Efram

bullet icon Granddaughter to the Doctor (01:14)

Gullah story featuring a character named Dr. McClellan. A translation of the Gullah is provided at the end

bullet icon Three Daughters (01:56)

Story of girls whose mother didn’t want them to speak Gullah

bullet icon Theory on Gullah origins (00:24)