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Young, Mazie

One of Mazie Young’s quilts
One of Mazie Young’s quilts


Resident of Troy, SC (Greenwood County) and mother of fox hunter Wes Young. Grew up on farm, helped husband riase hogs, make molasses, cure pork. Also a prolific quilter. Interview conducted by Anne Kimzey.

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bullet icon Working on a farm (00:48)

bullet icon Working at the mill (00:59)

bullet icon Necessity of hog killing (03:00)

bullet icon Sugar vs. salt curing (01:35)

She and her husband decided to cure two hogs with different methods to see which one was better

bullet icon Different weather (00:57)

bullet icon Lived off land (02:09)

The family survived by hunting, fishing, and farming

bullet icon Church homecoming (00:38)

bullet icon Quilting (01:37)

bullet icon Senior quilting group (01:35)

bullet icon Making molasses (02:22)

bullet icon Making gingerbread (00:44)