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Wood, Albert and Nora

Nora and Albert B. Wood on the porch of their Parksville home
Nora and Albert B. Wood on the porch of their Parksville home


Residents of Parksville, SC (McCormick County). Family traditions include barbeque and hashmaking, farming, home remedies, hunting, and haints (ghosts). Mr. Wood was also an accomplished spplit-oak basketmaker, boat builder, and chair caner.

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bullet icon Hog parlors (01:26)

Description of how pigs are raised in hog parlors

bullet icon Wood for BBQ (01:58)

Procedures for making barbeque and the best wood to use

bullet icon Making sausage (01:41)

The use of hog meat to make sausage and different methods for curing meat

bullet icon Beef Hash (01:00)

bullet icon Hash recipe (01:11)

bullet icon More about BBQ (00:56)

bullet icon Barbecue sauce (02:29)

bullet icon Canning (00:33)

bullet icon Sweet potatoes (01:53)

Banking - a method for keeping sweet potatoes from spoiling

bullet icon Almanac lore (02:33)

bullet icon Eclipse (01:24)

bullet icon Drying beef (00:47)

bullet icon Home remedies (03:00)

Various home remedies passed down in their families, including roots, prickly ash, and granddaddy graybeard

bullet icon Not on Sunday (00:51)

Hunting was not allowed on Sundays

bullet icon Moonshining (02:59)

bullet icon Coon hunting (01:12)

bullet icon Cooking squirrel (01:18)

bullet icon Deer (01:52)

Trouble that deer have caused and attempts to deal with them

bullet icon Fish stew (01:37)

bullet icon Strawberries (01:25)

bullet icon Haints (01:13)

bullet icon More haints (02:53)