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Hagan, R.C. and Mabel

R.C. Hagan outside of his shop
R.C. Hagan outside of his shop


Native of Donalds, SC (Abbeville County), Mr. Hagan made split-oak baskets, axe handles, and turkey calls while Mrs. Hagan is an accomplished quilter. Mr. Hagan learned to make split-oak baskets as a child from a local African American basketmaker.

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bullet icon Making baskets (01:52)

When he started making baskets and why

bullet icon How to make baskets (01:34)

bullet icon How to make baskets... (01:29)

bullet icon Types of baskets (01:18)

Different baskets he makes and when to use odd or even numbers of ribs

bullet icon Making axe handles (00:37)

Why he started making axe and hammer handles

bullet icon Hunting turkey (00:43)

bullet icon Making turkey calls (00:57)

bullet icon Making molasses (00:47)

bullet icon Making hash (00:58)

He also enjoys making hash out of deer and pork

bullet icon Quilts (00:42)

Mabel Hagan describes a “Save All” quilt given to her by her grandmother

bullet icon Canning and Freezing (00:58)

bullet icon Making lye soap (00:41)

How his mother made soap out of meat scraps and ashes

bullet icon Venison (00:26)

bullet icon Taxidermy (01:17)

How taxidermists preserve deer heads

bullet icon Cooking oppossum (01:11)