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Hill, Rebecca

Rebecca Hill with canned beans
Rebecca Hill with canned beans


Resident of Promised Land, SC (Greenwood County). Learned how to quilt and make lye soap from her mother. Her father could make just about any type of split-oak basket: fish trap, clothes hamper, chair bottoms. Grows and cans okra, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, watermelons, and a vareity of beans and peas.

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bullet icon Making lye soap (01:14)

The story of how she taught herself to make lye soap when she was young

bullet icon Quilting (00:58)

She describes quilting with her friends

bullet icon Killing hogs (01:51)

The process of raising and killing hogs and how the phases of the moon are important

bullet icon Curing meat (02:35)

How she cures her meat with salt

bullet icon Canning vegetables (00:52)

bullet icon Corduroy quilt (00:41)

bullet icon Making souse meat (01:14)

bullet icon Snakes (00:29)