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Blackwell, Richard

Blackwell standing over cook pot
Blackwell standing over one of his cook pots


Resident and former mayor of Parksville, SC (McCormick County). He discusses life on his farm in one of the smallest and most rural counties in South Carolina.

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bullet icon Introduction (00:46)

bullet icon Cows, gardens, & hogs (01:40)

The farm, the livestock, and growing what the family needed to eat

bullet icon Chicken catcher (02:00)

A device he used to retrieve chickens from the coop

bullet icon Milk in the well (01:23)

A method of keeping milk cool in the abscence of refrigeration

bullet icon People leaving the farms (01:10)

The effect of the Depression and WWII on farms

bullet icon Making cane whistles (01:29)

How he makes whistles from cane stalks