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Richey, Ruby and Estelle Rineheart

Richey and Rineheart
Richey and Rineheart


Two Greenwood (Greenwood County) women who like to quilt together. Interview conducted by Anne Kimzey.

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bullet icon How they began quilting (02:20)

bullet icon Buying material (00:59)

bullet icon More on materials (01:03)

bullet icon Dresden Plate (01:18)

About Richey’s husband’s Dresden Plate quilt

bullet icon A lost art (01:09)

bullet icon Why they quilt (00:39)

bullet icon Creating something (01:08)

They enjoy creating something and working with their hands

bullet icon Reasons for quilting (00:55)

They quilt for fun, not profit

bullet icon Quilting to relax (00:47)

bullet icon Afghan (00:51)

An afghan Rineheart is especially proud of