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Young, Wes

Wes Young with foxhounds
Wes Young with foxhounds


A resident of Troy, SC (Greenwood County) and the last in a long line of fox hunters. Although disabled by arthritis, he hunts once a week. He is the son of Mazie Young, who was also interviewed for this project. Two interviews were conducted with him by Anne Kimzey.

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bullet icon Fox Hunting Tradition (01:22)

His heritage and how he started fox hunting

bullet icon Bred to hunt (02:31)

How hounds are bred and trained to hunt foxes

bullet icon Hunting at night (01:19)

Why he prefers night hunting and how the hunt is conducted

bullet icon The sly fox - escape tricks (01:58)

Some of the tricks foxes use to escape the dogs

bullet icon Friendly competition (01:42)

Explanation of how fox hunters have fun competing against each other

bullet icon Two of the best breeds (01:48)

Details on the two breeds of fox hounds: Walkers and Julys

bullet icon Field trials (01:50)

The field trial tradition

bullet icon Listening to the different barks (02:17)

The different tongues (barks) that dogs have and the significance of them

bullet icon How long dogs last (02:09)

How long fox hounds are able to hunt at a time and throughout their lifespans

bullet icon Only hunts foxes (00:31)

Why he only hunts foxes

bullet icon Hershel and Trigger (01:11)

About two of his most successful hounds