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Nettles, Edwin

Edwin Nettles with carved cane
Edwin Nettles with carved cane


Wood carver in Walterboro, SC (Colleton County). He decided to take up wood carving after his friend Kirby Evans introduced him to the craft. Interview conducted by Michael Chiarappa.

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bullet icon Learning young (00:31)

Some of the things he learned to carve as a child

bullet icon Working with wood (00:33)

How he goes from an idea to a carving

bullet icon Carving wildlife (00:22)

His interest in hunting influences what he chooses to carve

bullet icon Carving model boats (01:33)

How he went from carving canoes to carving larger boats in detail

bullet icon Gathering cedar (01:07)

Where he finds the wood for his carvings

bullet icon Other types of wood (00:41)

Some other trees that he and his friend Kirby use for carving

bullet icon Carving spoons (00:39)

He also carves wooden spoons with various human head shapes on the handle

bullet icon Doesn't paint his work (01:48)

His feelings on the disadvantages of painting wood carvings