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Mole, Sylvester Sr.

Sylvester Mole’s sugar cane grinder
Sylvester Mole’s sugar cane grinder


Sugar cane syrup maker from Hampton, SC (Hampton County). Sugar cane has long been a staple crop throughout the south - from Texas up through the Carolinas. Traditionally grown in small quantities on individual farms, one acre of sugar cane would usually produce around 300 gallons of syrup. A cold weather activity, sugar cane is harvested before the first frost, and milled or "pressed" soon after harvesting. Interview and photographs by Michael Chiarappa.

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bullet icon Different kinds of sugar cane (00:28)

bullet icon Planting by the moon (00:40)

Mr. Mole reflects on the importance of "planting by the signs."

bullet icon Freezing ruins sugar cane (00:28)