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Traditions involve those activities that are crafted within a specific folk group over a period of time. Multi-generational by nature, folk traditions are constantly evolving as the product of both individual and community influence and alteration. Traditions do not develop in a vacuum - they are rooted in dynamic family, social and occupational activities that create a rich folk landscape. While home to numerous deeply-rooted traditions, South Carolina also boasts a wide variety of emerging cultural traditions from Latino, Indian, and Asian ethnic groups. As this site grows, look for additions that reflect the changing ethnic landscape in South Carolina. Far from a comprehensive list, the traditions listed below represent the material gathered during several of the documentary projects featured in Digital Traditions. This page groups individual artists and organizations according to their respective traditions. In many cases, artists will fall into more than one category.

Agriculture        Aquaculture        Basketry        Bluegrass       
Blues        Dance        Fiddle & Old Time Country        Folk Arts Advocacy       
Folk Medicine        Folk Narrative        Foodways        Gospel/Spirituals       
Metalsmithing        Painting        Pottery        Textiles       
Weaving        Woodworking       



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